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FS: Aero Blizzard 40, blackened brown vicenza, Europe


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For sale is a beautiful Aero Blizzard I got from Torfjord here on classifieds a few years back. Only worn a half a dozen times or so since.

I tend to be too active when I'm out an about and this is more of a "chill slow walks in the park" type of jacket, so it simply doesnt get enough wear from me to justify keeping it.

This one doesnt have the rather weird sewn in waistcoat type of thing Aero has listed on their website, but a normal wool lining on the body and thick cloth lining in the arms + curdory cuff linings.

No scratches or any real wear like that visible to me.

Measurements I got:
P2p: 61
Shoulders: 50
Sleeves: 61
Back length: 79
Hem: 56

I'll list the starting price as 500eur + shipping (should be around 30 euros inside the EU)
PayPal FF. (I have multiple verifieable purchases here, I can refer you to users I have purchased from if needed)

Any qeustions feel free to DM me!

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