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FS: Aero Leathers Seven - Blackened Brown Vicenza - Size 42


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Hi Folks,

I'm putting up my beloved Aero Seven jacket in Blackened Brown Vicenza Horsehide, size 42 (entire spec/details listed below directly from my original order form.)

This jacket was my first custom order and my first quality leather jacket. I ordered it through Thurston Bros. and was fortunate to have it crafted by Julie Leitch of Aero Leathers (Original tag included!)

You might ask why I'm selling it and it's pretty simple: I have other jackets that I wear 99% of the time due to fit. I was a bit new to leather jackets and the type of fit I liked when I custom-ordered this (and I may have expanded in size since then, but that's another story entirely.)

It was ordered in late 2019 but it's been worn sparingly. Worn most in the first couple of months I received it but even then, probably less than 10 times that season due to the fit. Since day one, I've only been able to wear a tee shirt underneath. I haven't worn it at all in two + years. The tea core is just barely beginning to show through on the cuff.

This is the one piece I own that I wish fit properly because it looks gorgeous to me. The leather has the perfect amount of character. Far from flat but not a grain-bomb that some like. The pockets are functional, the brass zips, etc. All awesome.

The price is $850 shipped (fully insured) via PayPal F&F.

I'm not very active on here so if it helps, my eBay account is here with feedback https://www.ebay.com/usr/alanb140

This is the original order spec:
STYLE- Seven with August collar, with Four-Pocket front (two angled chest pockets
and two hand warmers) and matching stitching. Back style--“V” yoke (like on standard Highwayman), no external kidney panel and no internal kidney panel. Zip sleeve positioned like on Café Racer
(underside of sleeve). No wind flap. Handwarmers close to the down position.
SIZE- 42
LEATHER- Vicenza Horsehide
COLOUR- Blackened Brown
GRAIN- Smooth
ZIPPER METAL TYPE- Regular brass (shiny) Talon front zipper (Sunburst box) with diamond pulls
on chest pockets and Talon bell pulls with horsehide toggles on hand warmers
LINING- Olive cotton sateen in body with black cotton sateen in sleeves. Handwarmers lined in black moleskin
SLEEVE LENGTH- 27 inches
BODY LENGTH- 28 inches
INSIDE POCKETS- Left side vertical interior pocket with no closure, lined in moleskin

P2P = 22.25-22.5" (hard to measure and photograph at the same time!)
Sleeve = 27" but note, the sleeve on this jacket is intentionally curved as it's based on a board racer so it measures a tad shorter when straight (per the photo attached.)
Shoulder = A tad over 18"


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oh god if only this was a little wider :( It's actually long enough! good luck man, beautiful jacket


New in Town
Good looking jacket. Good luck with the sale. I have an essentially brand new one for sale that is practically the same specs as yours. Ive lowered my price all the way down to 600 and still no bites.

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