FS: Aero Board Racer Size 40 Brown CXL Steerhide

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    Up for sale is a brown Aero Board Racer in size 40. This jacket is medium weight steerhide and the same spec as the black one I have for sale aside from the inside lining. Again, I won't be heart broken if this doesn't sell, but I have an Aero 7 in brown which i can put a think layer under so seeing if there is any interest on this one. The color variation on this jacket is amazing. Again, won't be too sad if this doesn't sell, I will just only wear it with t-shirts :), but if somebody will give it regular wear, it deserves it!

    STYLE- Board Racer with Two-Pocket front (two standard angled chest pockets) with single “V” yoke (like on Premier Highwayman), kidney panel (external only), Dark Brown thread and no wind flap.
    SIZE- 40

    LEATHER- CXL Steerhide

    COLOUR- Brown

    ZIPPER METAL TYPE- Antique brass Talon (Sunburst box) front zipper with antique brass
    diamond pulls on chest pockets

    LINING- Isle of Skye medium weight tartan


    SLEEVE LENGTH- 27.5 inches

    BODY LENGTH- 26.5 inches


    Price $800 +shipping PayPal only.

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    Stunning. GLWTS.
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