FS - Clinch Brass Tokyo Engineer Boots - Overdyed Black Horsebutt CN Wide last

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by jpto, Dec 17, 2020.

  1. jpto

    jpto Familiar Face

    EDIT decided to keep these and try working through the break in.

    New Clinch Brass Tokyo, Engineer Boots CN Wide Last

    Clinch 10H /9.5 US/ 9UK
    Black overdyed Horsebutt
    Price: $1800 USD - shipped to the US or CA - international shipping available at additional cost

    I just received these from a preorder, the only reason I'm selling is due to sizing. They are too tight across the instep. I'm on the fence on seeing if these will get better with break in/stretch. Length and toe width is similar to a 9.5 Viberg, the instep is lower. These are up on ebay as well in case anyone wants to transact through there

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  2. Robbie79

    Robbie79 One Too Many

    These are amazing! GLWS!
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  3. bretron

    bretron Call Me a Cab

    If it truly is just because of the instep, you should have a cobbler stretch em, and enjoy. Engineers are notorious for this
  4. Robbie79

    Robbie79 One Too Many

    I had the same issues with mit Viberg Engineers and sold them. I took about 1 size larger on my Clinch Jodhpur boots upon recommendation by the Japanese shop owner

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