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FS: Freewheelers Great Lakes MFG 'Timber Beast' Woodsman trousers size 36


New in Town
From McFly website:
Yarn-dyed cotton duck fabric, woven with high density on a shuttle loom using various uneven threads.
In addition, black threads are woven in part to make a duck fabric with black lines. The front is a button fly. With suspender button. The buttons are metal black-painted buttons. There are slash pockets and coin pockets. Union label on the inner pocket slake. The front has a double knee design, but it has a very unique structure. The parts from the waist to the shin and the parts from the thighs to the hem are slid up and down and stacked, making it a tough design that doubles the fabric over a wide area. The butt part is also a double hip specification with double fabric.
Looking for 300$ including shipping via PayPal F&F


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