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FS: Lee Trevor Leather Trucker/Jean Jacket, size M - $10,000 + Shipping

Fan favorite by Lee Trevor, their magnum opus & the best piece they've ever came up with - As the assholes over at Standard and Strange would put it, a subtle but brilliant update (read: blatant copy) of the Lee J101 leather trucker.

Seeing how Vivism is selling their 90's lambskin faded trucker for 10 grands (one that's sh1t at that), I figured what exactly is stopping me from selling an actual 90's leather trucker (one that's actually not sh1t) for just as much? Common sense, that's what so I won't be asking $10K for this jacket. I ain't asking for $5,000, no - This jacket can be yours for just $279.99! Plus shipping. Paypal, F&F.

Seriously though, I don't think there is a significantly better leather trucker alternative out there - Or at least I didn't see it, other than Vanson Cheyenne.
Lee Trevor used to do what Vivism is doing now, make insanely priced knock-offs of classic styles, only in the best possible material you could buy.

Made from an artificially aged, heavy, thick, full-grain and overall highest quality, vegetable tanned leather, the jacket features all the standard 101J details; Two chest pockets, two lining pockets (one zippered), waist adjusters, etc. Fully lined in pure cotton drill. What else..? Oh yeah, double snap cuff closure, for cuff width regulation.

Wish I could properly describe how beautiful the leather is. Massive natural grain and character, very sturdy, no acrylic-finish and the faint rosy smell that comes from vegetable tanning.

Barely worn and pretty much as new!
There's just 1 cm across pinch under the left arm (see photos), which will definitely even out with wear & it's not damaged or nothing but I gotta point it out, considering the jacket indeed does seem to be worn like twice.

Fits a bit 90's boxy but nowhere near obscenely so & the exact numbers are...
• Chest width (P2P): 60 cm / 23.5"
• Shoulders width -_-;: 52 cm / 20.5"
• Waist width (max.): 52 cm / 20.5"
• Sleeve length: 59 cm / 23"
• Back length (w/o collar): 59 cm / 23"

Why am I selling it if it's so cool? At 59 cm, the sleeves don't even reach my wrists. And this is my 2nd attempt at this jacket, how much I love it! Oh well...

Any questions? HMU. Shipping from EU. Thanks!












Oh, and if you want to see this jacket in action, @tmitchell59 (I hope Terry won't mind me linking to this video) made a Youtube vid of the same jacket, only in XL, so check it out here...
Aaand this jacket is now SOLD in a record time of 16.3 seconds since the creation of this thread (honestly, though, hardly a surprise with a jacket like that) and is off to the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom is, by the way, England, Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland. It also includes the island of Great Britain & the north-eastern part of the island of Ireland. I didn't understand that up until recently, actually!

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It's a great, beautifully made, rather special jacket!!

Not 100% sure I suit it, so (and after consultation with Monitor), it will be listed soon.

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