FS: Left Field Chelsea Jean NWT $95 shipped

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    Left Field NYC Chelsea Jeans (see pics for measurements & labels) Xinjiang Cotton

    My brother brought the jeans down from NY for me. Label says 34 but ain’t no way, closer to 30-32. Too tight in the thighs and my calves don’t fit lol. Oh well. Brand new.

    If you want more pics or measurements please let me know. I’ve never sold jeans here so if I missed a measurement, be gentle with me.

    $95 shipped US. PayPal F&F. Will ship in a box, not a garment bag or envelope. Thanks.

    selling another pair labeled 33 in another thread.

    53A7D525-3E8B-4F80-A6EB-FF0826FAA557.jpeg 959DFE84-87EF-41B7-97D3-0B7BFDFE5228.jpeg 88E162A4-2C1E-477C-B593-F20591A60E18.jpeg 73037840-7447-445B-90CA-F4A0BED3755A.jpeg 1DCF6F9F-68F2-45DF-9203-73B74FD77F97.jpeg DB3082F2-6F19-45AF-9273-0E765F7480E0.jpeg 74E8A0E0-8B29-4512-9DD4-2AD690889A6C.jpeg 5331581C-7D39-4A69-9C80-6B933B9E488B.jpeg 62B77ECC-0C38-409C-B060-626B2F851A1A.jpeg
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