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FS: "Mosquito" Perfecto / Cross-Zip Motorcycle Leather Jacket Sz. 40

Best cross-zip I ever owned, not counting Speed Demon by LW.

$180 + Shipping. PP/FF.

You can read my in-depth review here...
...but regardless, you're getting a good jacket. Damn good jacket.

I don't want / need any more clothes, especially not motorcycle clothes. I don't ride, I don't listen to music associated with such a jacket... Makes absolutely zero sense for me to own a Perfecto.

Fits between 40 & 42 and here are the exact measurements...

P2P: 61 cm / 24" (that's right across armpit-to-sleeve seams but there's an dramatic taper toward the hem so bare that in mind)
Shoulder width: 50 cm / 19.5"
Waist width: 50-ish cm / 19.5" (maybe 20")
Back length: 63 cm / 25"
Sleeve length: 61 cm / 24" (Huh! Seems longer...)

Condition exactly as seen on the photos which is to say all good. If you can't be bothered reading the review thread, two things that are to be pointed out are...
Main zipper (RiRi) is a replacement.
Harley Davidson patch on the left shoulder

That's it. Questions? Ask. Thanks!



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Tartu, Estonia
Occasionally, a jacket will come along that checks every single box on my perfect jacket list, one that I know I'm going to keep forever & this is one such jacket.
So much for forever eh @Monitor ?
Awesome jacket and review, enjoyed reading it and looking through the photos.
The word of the day for me is Mosquito!
So much for forever eh @Monitor ?
Awesome jacket and review, enjoyed reading it and looking through the photos.
The word of the day for me is Mosquito!

What is forever, anyway? :D In reality, I did keep it forever as I won't ever own another Perfecto so technically, it stayed with me till the end of time.

This is one of a kind jacket, really.
There seems to be some confusion regarding the measurements that I have provided because the numbers seem large for a size 40 jacket. This is one of those cases where you have to have faith in the maker. I wear 40, this jacket is 40 and it fits me perfectly. Numbers alone won't ever be able to tell the whole story. Trust the size tag, especially on older jackets like that. If you wear a size 40, it will fit just fine. Don't over-think it.

61 cm P2P seems large, right? But just 10 cm under the sleeve-to-body seam, the jacket is 56 cm wide. That's tight. This is just an example of how misleading the numbers can be. This is not a shitty box of a jacket. It is a well tailored, shaped jacket.

And yeah, you can wear this jacket if you're a size 42 but I can't make any guarantees how it will feel. I can, however, tell you with absolute certainty that as someone who's a spot-on size 40 in Schott, Vanson, etc., this jacket feels so perfectly right on me that it's not even funny.

Size tag is there for a reason. Trust it.
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