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Garden plans this year?


I'll Lock Up
Gads Hill, Ontario
A few changes over the last month or so:



One Too Many
The Barbary Coast
I have a small backyard in The City. I have no interest in landscaping for aesthetics. There are a few trees. Some fruit. Weeds will grow in the dirt, whether I do anything or not. My only interest is getting something edible, if something or anything is growing.

I just put some sweet potato in the dirt. Scratch out a handful of soil, put the sweet potato there, and throw a handful of dirt back over it. That's my "experiment" for the year. I've seen videos online, where people grow slips from sweet potato in soil. Then they pull them off, soak them in water, and replant them. I am not doing that. I thought about how potato regrow in nature. They stay in the ground, a plant grows, it develops more roots, and more potato. No animal is coming along to cut off slips and soak them in a mason jar. If I get lucky, nature will take it's course.
I lost pretty much everything save a few shrubs in the Great Freeze of 2021. I didn't replant last year, as plants were expensive and difficult to find. I've redone most of it this year, however. It looks pretty scrawny now, but we have a long growing season, and in a year it should look pretty good. Also planted a small raised bed veggie/herb garden...cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, oregano, basil, dill, and rosemary. And my lemon tree, which I thought was completely dead and I had to cut back almost flush with the ground last spring, has blooms. Apparently, you can't kill a lemon tree.

Now, I just have to keep the armadillos out of the yard.