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Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by BigBrother, Jun 12, 2021.

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    I recently saw a three-pair of thin women’s belts (white, black, brown) at Kohl’s and wanted to pick them up for 40s/50s pants, but wanted to ask here first as there might be some common go to you guys rely on for your thin belts. Any purveyors of such belts you like? Don’t have to be anything fancy.

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    There are one or two belt makers on this site. If I come across one, I will give you the link. A maker can probably make the belt as narrow as you want; I think the problem would be in finding an appropriate narrow buckle.
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    How thin is thin? Are you looking for 50s hepcat style 'whip belts' that are about half an inch wide? Hard to find for men these days. Rocketoriginals.co.uk have done them on and off; I've had one or two in the past and they weren't bad for the money. For something that's just more of a basic belt for a suit or non-jeans trousers with narrower loops, I tend just to hit up Etsy and buy a quality leather belt in a 1" width. Lots of great options on there, especially in the US. I tend not to spend big money on belts (I'm not a one for spending £100 odds on a plain leather belt), but small-scale producers on Etsy sell some really nice stuff much cheaper than many of the brands we tend to discuss round here.
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    You make an interesting point. I just sort of assumed everyone went with those really thin 50s hepcat ones but to be honest I never found them particularly stylish (they sort of read to me the same way 50s “space age” style does: a bit too self-knowingly streamlined and plastic.) I occasionally stopped to think, “hey, maybe this isn’t correct/necessary for 40s” but sort of gave up that line of thinking. An example of what I actually like:


    I’ll measure the loops on the two 40s/50s pants I just got and maybe go a bit thicker (or buy both). Thanks.

    Also as a result of writing this answer I just remembered I already own a thin one (black) from a pair of zoot pants I bought awhile ago, so now I’m not even sure I need to go buy thin ones. Thanks teacher for getting me to figure it out on my own! ;)
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