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Harley Davidson '80's leather jacket size 46R


I'll Lock Up
Here is a nice crosszip of the post-AMF days of Harley Davidson. This jacket is made in Korea, and has nods to both the past as well as the future of the company in this jacket alone. This was a local estate sale find, however the dimensions are simply too short for me to use effectively.

This is a rather unique jacket for this era. It was made, as per the tag of "American Cowhide". The cowhide is indeed of very nice quality, not overly heavy, but with a very nice feel to it. The jacket has a quilted lining which is in excellent condition. Curiously, this jacket also has the stiffened kidney panel similar to older H-D jackets. All zippers work well and are very smooth of operation. While measuring the jacket, I discovered several "extra" snaps around the collar - it's set up for a fur collar to be added! There are also belt loops for a full-around belt, which was not included with this jacket.

Now - there are some details about the jacket itself you may want to know before a purchase besides the size details. Someone got this jacket near some light grey paint around the back and around the left side sleeve in the front. It's isn't too obvious, but it's there. Photos show the details. Perhaps someone could sort out removing this, I did not attempt it. Or - this could be your "artisan's piece" It would be a great jacket to paint your own designs on it you were so inclined. Also, there is a very slight smoke smell in this jacket that was not obvious when I picked it up.

Asking $80 Shipped in CONUS Pay Pal for this jacket

Dimensions (For being a "46 regular - this is an oddly sized jacket, more like a "44")
Pit to Pit - 24"
Sleeve - 23.5"
Straight down front zipper area - 20"

Back length - 25"
Waist 21"
Shoulders 17.5"

DSC_2869.JPG DSC_2867.JPG DSC_2874.JPG DSC_2872.JPG

DSC_2866.JPG DSC_2875.JPG DSC_2876.JPG DSC_2877.JPG

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