Help choosing between: Stetson Retro straw vs Ultrafino Bogart vs Stetson Forty Eight

Discussion in 'Hats' started by dawgvet, Jul 4, 2020.

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    So I’m looking for my first Summer straw hat and I’ve about narrowed it down to a Stetson Retro straw vs Stetson Forty Eight vs Ultrafino Bogart. I prefer higher crowns and less taper but can’t afford a custom or high-end Monticristi so looking at these. I’ve heard that synthetic straw is hotter-wearing than natural straw? Otherwise I’d consider a Akubra Capricorn. Is the Forty Eight worth twice the price of the Retro? Is the Bogart just a rebranded cheap Capas hat?

    Any input appreciated. Thanks,
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  2. jonesy86

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    I have a Capricorn which I think is a decent hat. While it is a bit warmer to wear, it is indestructible. I prefer the Akubra hemp and like the Range with its wide brim.

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