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I love my Aero Leather jacket except for one thing


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A few months ago I bought my first new leather jacket, an Aero Leather Sheene. The jacket is great and I'm very happy with it except for one small thing.
When I wear it open with thin shirts the edges of the inside pockets line up exactly at my nipples and rub them in a very annoying way. I think I just have sensitive nipples but it's bad enough i don't like wearing it with a t-shirt. After walking around for a while I find myself with my hands in my pockets sort of holding it open.
Has anyone else experienced this? Any solutions?


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claremont california
I totally understand it. I experienced the same with an Aereo in the front chest pockets. On the right, it was pocking me. On the left, it was pocking the leather and you can really see it. That had to happen during production. At first, I thought it would just break in but it did not. I got frustrated and after a very long trip to Guaymas Mexico, I just did not wear it and give it away to one of my sailing buddies. One solution is to open the lining up and remove the extra leather material that is causing the problem. When you think about it, pretty annoying if you ask me.
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antoine p

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that sucks. seems like a real problem, aero sells a lot so there's a chance someone's brought this very issue to them. maybe contact them, they may have some solution


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maybe wear it with shirt that also has chest pockets, or wear vest as mid layer, or wear undershirt. or perhaps ask female partner or friend about their experience and solution since going braless is back in fashion now and perhaps they have more experience than us all.


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Thanks for all the helpful, and also unhelpful, responses.
I'm sending it back soon anyway because of a zipper failure so I did write them about this as well. That was only yesterday though, haven't heard back.

I did wonder if it was possible to simply sew a tiny bit of thick but soft material over those sections somehow.
I wonder if just oiling the **** out of those rough bits might help. I should also double check, I'm not certain if it's the hard ridges of leather or the button.

Of course, for the time being I've just always worn it with layers. But it would be nice to wear in cooler weather with a t-shirt...

Or are heritage male bras a thing yet?

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