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Jeffrey Banks M-442/G1


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Got this used Jeffrey Banks M-422/G1 on Ebay for $35 and $5 shipping, lol. Sweet!
Looks to be cowhide...won't know for sure until it arrives next week.

Got a (purportedly) goatskin seal brown w/viscose lining Pakistani A-2 variant earlier this month new on Amazon for $85 + tax & shipping ($100 total). It looks to be a returned item... & likely a factory second to begin with as the dying was not bad but slightly uneven in spots...but regardless still a very nice leather jacket. Still breaking it in via wearing it...& still deciding whether its actually sheep or goat, as the prominate goat grain pebbling seen elsewhere in 'full grain' hide is not there...very small/slight pebbling instead. It could be a 'top grain' goatskin with the 1st layer removed or sanded...or sheepskin leather. Either way is fine, lol. Very soft 1mm-1.5mm leather regardless. Nice.

(Pakistan is putting out some nice stuff these days in leather jackets, as apparently they have a huge domestic leather industry...& apparently supplied the US military with goatskins previously for leather jackets at various times.)

Also found a vintage real mouton collar (& !soft!) on Etsy for $20, installed buttons on the jacket & new elastic button loops on the mouton...& presto!!! An A2 with a nice removeable mouton collar...for $120 total out-the-door. The mouton will fit on the Jeffrey Banks jacket as well (pictured)...with the same 3-button inside collar layout.

The point here is...you can score some nice leather flight jackets for dirt cheap if you look around a bit & do some homework...& don't mind maybe also doing a few things yourself to 'restore' them to 'like factory new', lol. (Amazon sells inexpensive leather sewing kits & assorted leather treatments/conditioners.)

While this won't appease many of the purists hereabouts who apparently prefer to spend their $$$ on custom tailored domestic labor rates & whatnot, lol, we have no such compunctions for scoring nice leather flight jacket representations for cheap & off the rack. (We'll spend the savings on liquor instead, lol.)

Lots of good information on this site regarding leather jackets & leathers, construction, maintenance, etc., so thanks for that.


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While on the subject of flight jackets...everyone here (especially those spending a pile of money on military jacket recreations), is aware that USA military contracts typically & historically go to the low bidders, lol...& not 'the best'. The 'quality' Inherently found in old military jackets boils down to the contract specifications, & the fact that back in those days it was more normal for people to do quality work that lasted. Nowadays things are usually designed to not last...so that you just throw away & buy more. The simple drawback of a consumerist society, lol.

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