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Hello everyone. After being a lurker for a while, I have officially now "joined". Today is the first day since my application was approved.

I'm very much into collecting (and wearing) quality leather gear on a daily basis. I not only am geared when on my Harley (usually in Langlitz), but in general I'm usually in a leather jacket. I will wear leather jeans often. Of course, lots of this depends on the weather (I avoid getting leather too wet and can't wear it comfortably in heat), destinations (happy to wear gear around Seattle often but it really depends on the destination and the activity) and my general mood.

I've collected Schott (cowhide, steerhide and horsehide), Vanson, Aero (horsehide), Langlitz (steerhide and goatskin) and several other brands. I invested in several West Coast Leather lambskin pieces about 10-20 years ago that I still love! I just got my first pair of Y'2 leather jeans in camel and love 'em too!

I probably have about 30 jackets, 25 pairs of pants, 8 shirts, boots of all types (engineer, Western, hiking, dress) and about a dozen different hats. I'm looking to add to my collection as well as eventually selling off pieces I no longer can wear. I am vigilant about good leather car, so even though some things may be 30 years old they are still in nice condition!

There's plenty more that I could say, but I'll stop here. Feel free to comment or ask questions!

Joe aka BikerSEA



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