Ladies Perfecto style jackets? Anyone?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Leilah Wilde, May 8, 2020.

  1. 4444Design

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    Hmmm ...

    The last post on this thread was already some time ago but maybe you are still on the search Leilah.

    Just as an Option:
    i got my wife an A2 in HH made by "Fivestar Leather" - yeah it ain't a perfecto but 5* is producing all sorts of shapes in jackets

    i measured my wifes favourite leather jacket - added something here - made it a bit Shorter and this is what she got after a coupl of days


    off coarse it ain't no longer a "real" A2 shaped jacket due to the totally changed proportions but other than that my wife is still highly satisfied

    pricewise we where below 500 USD shipped to Europe/Germany

    maybe an Option for you to get a jacket tailor-made???
  2. El Marro

    El Marro Call Me a Cab

    Very cool! Another great jacket by Five Star Leather.
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  3. Carlos840

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    That's a better/more flattering fit than most A2s i have seen worn by men on the forum.
    That really works well. Well done both of you.
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