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    Here is a fit guide for 501XX LVC jeans ( without 1976 model though and maybe others missing ,not sure ) :
    The 1978 is a slim fit and low rise and the 1976 seems to be mid rise and slightly tapered ( and slimer than some previous ones based on levis website description ,although not sure compared to the 1947 ) .
    I don't look for the 80's fit as i found and bought some new STF 501 from this era a few years back ( might still have one or two brand new ones with tags for sale in 32/34 ) but they have tapered legs unfortunately for me ,although the thickness of the jean is nice ( thicker than the 1947 ) .
    It's right that the early 2000's 501 had low rise but that is not what i look for when speaking about them , it is more about the straight and wider legs and top block than the 1947 ( so you can move with it and without fearing to tear up the crotch ).
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    If the model of 47 501 you are after is a washed version it’s very likely a seasonal item, so once is gone is gone from the main shops and you can only resort on eBay.

    The permanent LVC collection is made up by the shrink to fit versions (and also those sometime change). Plus they throw in a few seasonal washes twice a year.

    Honestly, saved from a few washes from time to time, i’d stick with the shrink to fit versions. That’s why I’d go LVC in the first place otherwise you could just buy off the main line. Many washed version there and I don’t think from the late 90s till today the fit of the 501 changed so drastically that you couldn’t just upsize or downsize of one tagged size to achieve what you are after.

    Good luck with your search anyway ;)

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  3. Vintagestyle

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    Here is another interesting website i had found ( unfortunately after i had bought mine ,) for sizing LVC jeans .
    I have seen several websites in Japan ,selling this 47501 0136 but they are mostly written i Japanese unfortunately and the price is higher than what it was in Europe , (and with import taxes , it would be quite expensive ,so i would prefer finding it in EU if possible ).
    I also saw one or two other website selling them in USA but those don't ship internationaly unfortunately .
    Another advantage of this model is that it was cheaper than the Shrink to fit model , like 50 to 70 euros less, so ,knowing you can't go wrong with the size as it is pre shrunk and also that it is nearly an inch longer than the STF once shrunk ,for me it is perfect ( for that at least ).
    The STF model 1947 should shrink about 6 to 7 cm, so 85- 7cm =78cm , what is a bit short ,especialy if i want to make a cuff,whereas with the one wash model , i can wear it with or without cuff , without it being too short or too long .
    So i see only pros with this one wash model .
    Also , i have to say i prefer the quality of the LVC line over the regular ones ( it is not night and day but there is a difference ).
    As i am slim , i like how the 1947 fits me except it is a bit too slim , but maybe if i buy a bigger size , it might be less slim ,although i am not sure it woukd change much as it is how it is made .
    Just a bit larger on the legs ( maybe on the block as well , not sure ) ,would be great ,to be able to move more easily .
    The 55 would be nice for me if i was bigger, but with a slim butt ( and legs but for the legs it's ok ) , it is not that good looking on me.
  4. Sloan1874

    Sloan1874 I'll Lock Up

    Yep, during the big blow out sale a couple of years back.
  5. tropicalbob

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    miami, fl
    Thanks. I'm always afraid when I ask that question that I'll be directed to a Japanese site that will be completely incomprehensible and intimidating. Gustin's about as exotic as I've gotten.
  6. Edward

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    London, UK
    Yeah, modern 501s, at least since I first tried a pair in 1992, have always been low-waisted, basically hipsters. It's a cut I hate; even before I discovered a vintage, high-waist, I knew that a low waist was uncomfortable: Lee's standard fit in the eighties and into the mid nineties (when they finally closed their Northern Ireland factory) was a low waist too, which was why I never bought them (even though they could be had cheaper than almost any other brand at the time, and the factory shop did 'seconds' where you couldn't find the flaw for twelve quid....).

    I've never bought a pair of STF Levis. My Prison Blues I had some years ago shrunk to their labelled size from a bit bigger; I think I had a a pair of Carhartt work jeans that did the same.

    Yeah. Horses for courses - I'm sure a lot of folks would say I spend crazy money on leather jackets and such - but for me, jeans are consumables and I've always found the shelf life of one pair to be much the same as another. I'll pay a bit more for the right cut and colour, but tbh for me the denim scene has gotten a bit smoke and mirrors. I don't hold with the idea of 'dress jeans', and if I got to the point where I felt I had to baby a pair of jeans rather than wearing them without thinking, as originally intended, it's a sign I've spent way too much on them.

    I think the most expensive jeans I've ever bought were the SJC Brakemans; lovely stuff. As close to the Japanese stuff as I'd ever want, but without the BIG price, and vastly better than Freddies, for just a little more. I used to be a big fan of Freddies of Pinewood, but they've pushed the price up to a hundred quid a pair, and I just don't think they're all that. The ones that Soldier of Fortune do for fifty quid are every bit as good (and rumoured to be the same denim).

    Even a scene which professes only interest in more of the exact same demands novelty some times! ;)

    I think that's probably true; I certainly have had the impression that the fad for extra heavy denim followed on the heels of the era in which the 'heavier the better' philosophy hit leather jackets. The idea of a 21oz pair of jeans for the Winter appealed to me for a long time (these days, I suspect I'd be better served with a 12oz denim flannel lined), but I've yet to see any in a cut I like at a price I'd be prepared to pay. Experience has certainly led me to conclude that denim weight alone does not make for a necessarily longer lasting pair of trousers; I've had 11 and 12 oz jeans that have been heavily worn last for far longer than 15oz pairs that have blown out at the crotch after a couple of years of comparably heavy wear.
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  7. Vintagestyle

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    Sure the weight of the denim is not the only thing that can make it good quality but yes , for winter it's a good thing !
    As far as i remember ,levis 501 went back to low rise ( mid 60's and 70's were low rise if i remember well) maybe at one point in the 90's or early 2000 but all the 501 i have from the 80's and maybe early 90's are regular high rise but they are all tapered leg and i really don't like that anymore but in the 80's i bought levis 501 and i knew shit about jeans fit or anything else .
    In the late 90's i went on wearing some Twisted Levis i discovered in New Zealand and really liked them and even webt back to them ( bought some second hand ) in early 2010's so much i was bored with the skinny jeans trend and not being able to find a regular wider fit 501 ( then discovered over priced LVC ).
    I am certainly among the conservatives but for me , jeans are Levis and i dig the arcuate ! I remember how nice girls butts looked good in a pair of Levis ( high or low rise when adapted to their body ) whereas so many now really don't look nice in the fit they wear ( many cheap brands have bad fit and/or maybe those girls don't know how to choose the right fit for them) !
    That said ,i did not always wear the best fit for me either ! Lol
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    Real McCoy's actually has the licence to use Lee and Wrangler labels in Japan just that they can't export those. Edwin and Lee "Europe" obtained the licence to use Lee and Wrangler labels outside US. Levi's at one point also granted licence to Levi's Japan to manufacture jeans for Japan market but took it back when they decide to launch the LVC. The interesting thing is Levi's Japan has the licence to the Levi's Label with the big "E" but is not allowed to use 501. In stead those early Japanese 501 repros of 1920s and 30s are called 701 and 702 which are model numbers that were not used by Levi's at that time.
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