like new aero 40-3785-P a-2 oil pull? size 50 $500

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by dinomartino1, Oct 14, 2019.

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    Perth, Australia
    I have this on eBay for but if anybody wants it I will sell here if you are in a country where ebay takes the vat tax at purchase [they do in Australia when you buy from overseas]
    I got to list this for free or I would have taken off %10 for ebay fees as well.
    $500 USD they are $850 new at aero
    Looks like unworn condition
    I think the leather is oil pull as the leather has a rubbery feel but I'm not sure, I have never seen oil pull before.
    Two small marks on the inside on the collar

    payment by PayPal in Australian dollars.

    USAAF Aero 40-3785-P Type A-2
    This jacket is based on a very rare original example from our archives and currently on display in our showroom. Our research since we acquired this original 40-3785-P has unearthed only one other known survivor, which is in a private collection in Japan.
    It represents an interesting transition between the complex 1938 Aero A-2 and the much more common 1942 jacket. Gone is the complicated zip arrangement and extra top stitching unique to the 1938 Aero, but the jacket still retains its high collar stand and offset collar. Our jacket replicates every dteail including a perfect replica of the original zipper, a Japanese made period style Talon alloy zipper on herringbone cotton tape, which is fitted as standard.
    The 40-3785-P has lost a little of the body taper associated with the 1938 jacket, but still has the slim shoulder and sleeve. This makes the 40-3785-P neater fitting than the 1942 contract though not as neat as the 1938."

    size 50 XXL
    The guy I got this from bought it new and put on more weight so it was too small.
    He said he only wore it once as it was too tight.
    The jacket does seems to be like new with no creasing anywhere to indicate it has been worn.
    He said it was horsehide but I do not want to make any claims as to what type of leather it is as I am not sure, I think it may be oil pull horsehide.
    The aero card was still in the pocket and the jacket maker was Julie.
    This jacket is currently 675 pounds or US$853 at aero
    On the inside of the collar there are two marks that are not visible when jacket is worn.
    Talon zip
    Please allow for a small amount of error
    shoulders 21"
    pit to pit nearly 27'
    sleeves around 26 1/2
    back length from collar seam 28 1/4"

    Parcel sent via australia post international parcel with tracking



  2. dinomartino1

    dinomartino1 One of the Regulars

    Perth, Australia

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