Loro Piana "Cashmere Cloud" Bespoke Suit in Navy

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    During quarantine I have been putting muscle that I intend to keep on, unfortunately this has caused some of my clothes to become to tight and I am selling them. One of those items is this bespoke suit in mesmerizing Loro Piana "Cashmere Cloud" fabric, which is 93% cashmere and 7% silk, the feel to it is super luxurious and soft, and it is lightweight which makes it a great suit year round. It was built by a master tailor in Bellevue, WA who goes by the name of "The Bespoke Clothier" (check his website, he has great stuff), craftmanship and details are top notch as one would expect from a master tailor, a title that is only awarded to the most skilled tailors. The jacket can be worn as a separate, it has a detail piece of cloth with a button hole in red stitching buttoned under the collar that can be removed for a formal look, or left on for a casual look. The cuff buttons can be unbutooned and you can roll the sleeves up for a casual look, the lining is 100% cupro.

    The trousers are button fly and they don't have belt loops, they have suspenders buttons sewn in the inside of the waistband. There are also some rubber pads glued to the inside of the waistband to keep the shirt in place and avoid the horrific muffin top look. The inseam can be increased by a full 2 inches.

    As with a bespoke item, both the jacket and the trousers have my name embrodiered in the inside, it is very subtle and you can tell your friends that you own a "Jorge Cortes" original, they will be envious of you.

    Because of the quality of the fabric and craftmanship that went into this garment, my asking price is $3000, which barely covers the cost of the materials used for it. I have worn this suit under 10 times total, and never sent it to the dry cleaner because there hasn't been any need for it, it is a very special suit that I only wore to very special ocassions.

    Following are measurements in inches:


    Shoulder 17
    Chest 20
    Waist 17.5
    Sleeve length 24
    Sleeve Opening 5
    Back length 27.5
    Bottom hem 22.25


    Waist 32
    Rear rise 15.5
    Front Rise 10.75
    Hip width 19
    Upper thigh 12
    Knee 8.75
    Hem opening 7.75
    Inseam 29.25 (+2 inches of fabric)

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    Additional pictures.

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