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Lost Worlds Ryder Seal Goatskin


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Hey guys,

Thought I'd share this recently acquired Lost Worlds Ryder in seal goatskin. Online I found very few examples of this hide from LW and none in the form of their Ryder, so figured others might be interested.

I got this through a sequence of trades which I think made all parties pretty happy.

First my Aero 50s HB in brown CXL exchanged for an Aero OG Herc in black CXL. Then swapped the Herc for this LW and a Lee 1939 Cowboy jean jacket, both of which I LOVE. I'll get round to sharing pics of that Lee sometime.

About the Ryder:

Hide: supple, drapes, not light. Feels substantial without resistance to your movements. It's a paint like top coat which seems really durable and high quality. You get lots of lovely grain and not much patina. I'm fine with this because I think the colour is exceptional. The seal is a cooler brown, with purplish hues. It has depth.

Hardware is outstanding. The YKK zipper is a beast and very easy to use. It looks and feels excellent.

The nylon lining slips on and off like a dream, doesn't feel sweaty and seems very durable.

The fit for me is spot on. The neck opening is much larger than the Aeros, which were also a size smaller. It's both roomier and slimmer than the HB. Very little bat wing and great mobility reaching forward too.

It was interesting to try another Aero and then another brand of a similar tier. The Aeros varied shockingly if I'm honest. The almost new black CXL did not seem like the same stuff as the brown of my 2016 HB. Much lighter and was wearing verrry fast. The fit and finish of the LW seem better to me and it's also a conaiderably pricier jacket, so that stacks up.

I'll stop blathering on.





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