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    Hello, all…

    I am the recipient of this M.L. Leddy hat. I like it but want to know something about it, especially it’s age, style, etc.
    It seems in decent shape, with the original box. Can anyone suggest someone in the Washington DC area who can help me care for it?
    Thank you in advance….

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    If you've done any searching you've found that Leddy is a cowboy boot maker that has been in continuous operation since the 20's. They also carried western wear in their stores. Most hats I've seen carrying the Leddy name are cheap, 100% wool or paper straw cowboy hats made for the tourist industry. Most probably sold out of their Ft. Worth location in the Stockyards. Your hat is not one of them. Also, Leddy hasn't operated in Midland for some time. For years, Resistol supplied hats to the retail industry under the particular retailers own branding, liner and sweat. The stamping looks like Resistol's, especially the "BEAVER TWENTY". I have a couple of 'store brand' hats marked Beaver Twenty like yours along with a Resistol Beaver Twenty Five that's from the early-mid 50's. Your hat looks like one of those to me.
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  3. Leddy's has never made their own hats. Even as recent as 2004 when Joe Peters Jr left his family business at Peters Bros Hats & went to work in the hat shop @ Leddy's Fort Worth it wasn't to make hats.
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