Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries - Aussie 20s TV series

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    I've been watching this on PBS the last several weeks. I heard each episode cost a million dollars to produce, but the costumes and décor are beautiful. That said, the mystery plots seem a little thin. Also, it's supposed to take place during the late 1920s and even though morals became a bit more loose, things like homosexuality and having sex outside of marriage were not acceptable to the majority of the public. Anyone engaged in such things would have been publicly ostracized, and in the case of homosexuality, possibly jailed. This politically correct slant isn't conducive to the era and, IMO, it comes off as seeming to be more of a show about modern people with contemporary moral views dressing in 1920s costumes. It's definitely not on the level of Foyle's War and Poirot as far as I'm concerned.
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    I doubt I'll soon see the show similar to "Foyle's war" - it had an impact, it gave a chill..

    Miss Fisher?
    I've seen it on TV last winter.


    She's got her charm. :D
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    Sadly, the costuming is not particularly correct...even in series 2. As an Aussie, I was excited to hear this series was being made a few year ago, but after a few eps I was meh. There are many vintage experts and collectors of 20s clothing here in Australia (Mojito being one of them) that could have been so helpful with wardrobe in these series. Miss Fisher's look is way too modern for the time, she sometimes is event put into 1930s gowns.

    Such a shame really. The plotlines are very thin and her whole attitude would not have been accepted in the day...not even in bohemian circles. Oh Well. Just a shame when they just quite get things right. I much prefer 'A Place to Call Home' which is set in 1950s Australia. Some great costuming and storylines in that series.
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    Having a discussion on the costuming of this today on Facebook with several Ozzie/NZ chums. Only seen three episodes of series two and already come to the same conclusion - unfortunately a number of glaring costume gaffs, especially Miss Fisher's outfits.

    I know there are budgets, but it you can't get the main character dressed 'right', it rather spoils the whole thing. :( Why do the costume designers not go to primary sources for an era where there is ample photographic evidence? And in this case, I mean Australian sources.
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    I'm not sure if perhaps some of the problems with the series have come from the fact that it is adapted from a book series. I've read all of the books and was very excited to hear about the series but unfortunately, as is so often the case, it just doesn't live up. I think it's important to point out that in the books her behaviour isn't readily accepted in society and there's frequent mention of this - the only reason she gets away with anything at all is because of her title (and partially her connection to an influential chinese family). Another common theme in the books is the attitude towards homosexuality (particularly in the latest book in the series) and the fact that it is illegal and unaccepted and indeed Phryne's sister is cast out of the family and disowned for her "sapphic tendancies". Also, her fashion in the books is of note because no-one else dresses like her as she has her clothes made for her based on what's worn in Paris and on the advice of a parisian dress-maker who designs, fits and creates most if not all of her gowns - because of this it's possible that she would have worn pieces which you might expect wouldn't have been in Melbourne at the time (though obviously you still wouldn't expect a 1930s style dress in 1928).

    This being said I'm not an expert in the 1920s by any means and I'm sure there are a number of faults even in the books. I've been quite disappointed in the series because of the changes they've made - I just wouldn't want people to be put off the books because of it - the author has done quite a lot of research I think it's far more accurate.

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