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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by JCSD, Dec 2, 2020.

  1. JCSD

    JCSD Practically Family

    Have some incoming pieces so need to thin the herd. I’m really on the fence with this sale because I love this Mister Freedom Campus in Natural Leather. Not much needs to be said about these jackets other than their awesome potential for breaking in and creating a patina all your own.

    Jacket has been worn regularly for 8 months when SoCal weather allowed and has been conditioned a few times with Pecards per recommendation from Mister Freedom. There are some indigo marks as pictured but par for the course for denim heads. On it’s way to breaking in but has a long road ahead.

    - SZ 38

    P2P 21”
    Shoulders 18”
    Back Length 23.5”
    Sleeves 25.25”

    - 2-3 oz weight
    - veg tan full grain cowhide
    - current retail is $950

    Asking $575 shipped CONUS and paid via PP/FF. No international shipping at the moment. B6EC27A3-1655-4C2D-AAB9-C21166B22244.jpeg 2BECFA7D-A3EB-4EC7-BEE6-D1B9318E005C.jpeg 1AEF2AEE-BE92-4481-8479-FB00BE8B58CF.jpeg 74326FDB-757F-4947-A2A0-FA5B239FF481.jpeg 90CE855F-623A-41D7-98BF-E4143876BC83.jpeg
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  2. JCSD

    JCSD Practically Family

    SOLD- Thanks FL!
  3. D.G.

    D.G. New in Town

    Stallion vs natural. As an aside in case anyone finds this post through a search. My stallion size 40 is these exact measurements in the 38 natural.

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