Music idea that spawned from vintage party planning

Discussion in 'Radio' started by McPeppers, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. McPeppers

    McPeppers One of the Regulars

    South Florida
    Hey Loungers and Ladies, I am certain you all have run across this group but I highly recommend the group Postmodern Jukebox to mix into your music for events. Why? Well while all of us can appreciate silken strings, thumping drums, and big brass... not everyone at a party is always game for the true Legends of music.

    These guys and gals take modern music and roll it all back to a better time. And I love them for it! (search their name on the Tube of You or on the Tunes of i)
  2. Edward23

    Edward23 New in Town

    Hey I am doing party planning for my vintage party and need ideas for theme song. I am looking to have classic music. If I could find live classic music players it will be more fun. I think you can help me getting some good ones.

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