New Akubra International, Size 57, Carbon Grey, $100

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by DRB, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. DRB

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    A brand new Akubra International, Size 57, Carbon Grey.

    Just arrived today. Never worn. Hat was taken out of the box to take pictures and verify contents. Custom made in Australia. Took 4 months. You can buy it today. I am very impressed with the beauty of the color. I would say this hat was grey with some blue in it. I already own one of these so this one is for sale. These hats have style and softness, but are built tuff. I use mine for travel and rain. This is a great hat. I lowered the crown on the one I am keeping. The felt took the reshaping with ease. This hat will do the same. I highly recommend this hat.

    Here is the description of the hat from the website:
    "Unique in many ways we love this hat. Akubra only make this hat 3 times a year with a made to order service. We have stock now, so jump the queue and the wait and secure your hat now. The hat is unique as its soft and thicker than most Akubra Hats. A crushable , formal hat that is super light weight, unlined and perfect for day or night wear. Super light weight.

    One could say almost crushable as the hat bounces back in to shape much like the Akubra Traveller . It has a comfortable finish inside hat band the hat to make it easy to travel with and easy to wear if you sweat alot."

    Paid $132.73 plus shipping. Selling for $100 plus shipping ($20)
    Hat arrived today. Tracking# ES985043539AU 20190415_123616.jpg 20190415_123717.jpg 20190415_123748.jpg 20190415_124001.jpg 20190415_124035.jpg 20190415_122121.jpg
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  2. stmike

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    Ooh, I like this one! Wish it were a bit larger. I may have to order one.
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