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  1. Ethan Bentley

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    The lyrics top the original Star Trek theme.

    Star Trek Lyrics

    Beyond the rim of the starlight,
    my love is wandring in star flight.
    I know he'llfind
    In star clustered reaches
    Love, strange love
    A starwoman teaches.

    I know his journey ends never.
    His Star Trek will go on forever.
    But tell him while
    He wanders his starry sea,
    Remember me.
  2. Staggerly

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    My only gripe with it is Spock's little smirk at the climax. He goes from one moment engaged in a suicide mission to take revenge on the man who killed his mother and most of his race, to the next cracking a joke and smirking about it (when Kirk tells him he thought Spock would appreciate the logic in his offer of rescue to Nero). It didn't make sense for the character (or any character, for that matter), and it totally denied the viewer that climactic satisfaction most writers know belongs at the end of a dramatic story. (And nevermind Kirk's total lack of acknowledgment that he's avenging his father!) I still can't believe they botched such an important moment.
  3. Doctor Strange

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    These were written by Gene Roddenberry, who never really intended for them to be sung. He just wanted co-writer credit so that he could get a piece of the potential publishing revenue whenever the theme was used.

    There's lots of talk of Roddenberry as a visionary and idealist. Not to say that he wasn't, but we shouldn't forget that he was a producer, and he also did a lot of pragmatic (if not self-serving) stuff like this!
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  5. dhermann1

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    Been there, done that

    I finally got a copy of this pic. From late 1994, "Space Trek, the Unauthorized Musical That Boldly Goes Where No One Wants to Go!" at Wings Theater, in New York.
    That's yours truly at the far right as Dr. "Bones" McCorduroy.
  6. Chainsaw

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    Love the Lyrics for the theme song! Not a major fan of the original series, I've seen every Movie though (I think), and definately every next Generation episode.
  7. MrBern

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    Not sure if this is an official image, but its a shame it takes so long to crank out these movies.


    Also, there are rumours that the next script might work in KHAN.
  8. J. M. Stovall

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    2012!?? Ugh, that is too long.
  9. Argee

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    I heard they are not going to use Khan, but they will use an established Original Series villain.
  10. Salty O'Rourke

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    I've read that Alexander Courage was incensed at Roddenberry over this, and refused to work with him again.

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