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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Maltav, May 11, 2021.

  1. Maltav

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    Hello , i’m new here. My name is Mischa ( Maltav ) and i’m from The Netherlands.
    I used to look here when I wanted to know more about a jacket.
    I ordered a Vanson Ike last december and I got it yesterday. It’s a size 48 .....but it wears like a 50.
    So sadly the jacket is to big for me. I would like to sell it and order a size 46 ( I have a Vanson hardcore size 46 for 14 years now , but i became a little bit bigger , so i ordered a size up , but this is a compleet different fit ). I like to sell it for € 420. I payed €650 for it ( incl tax & shipping ). So for European members this is a steal.

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  2. Andrew Putnam

    Andrew Putnam Familiar Face

    Beautiful jacket! in my size too. Pity I'm not cashed up at the moment.
  3. Coriu

    Coriu A-List Customer

    These are very general questions.

    How does the fit of present-day Vanson's compare to similar, vintage Vanson models, ie as comfortable, less comfortable, more comfortable? Am wondering if Vanson has changed much over the years in terms of their philosophy of fit.

    Same question as above, but comparing present-day Vanson's to vintage riding jackets. Am wondering if, generally speaking, jacket makers of yesteryear were more in tune to comfort in riding. The consensus today seems to be that Vanson is most comfortable off the shelf. Wondering if it has always been that way with Vanson's, or if there was more competition concerning this facet years ago.

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