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Newbie Questions As I Plan For My First Custom Aero

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Michael312, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. Bfd70

    Bfd70 Practically Family

    Sorta late to the thread, but as I’m in Chicago as well, i figure i’ll chime in. I’m also in the 150#s and tend to run cold. After this long winter i’ve concluded that for me in the 35-49 and overcast zone leather just isnt the best choice. I realize thats purely subjective and that there are people in this town in shorts and flip flops but for me it doesnt work. I plan on ordering a 1930s as well this month. I also reached out to the forum and got some good liner recommendations. One that stuck out that might work is courderoy. A common suggestion isnto leave room for layering. I think this is a viable and prefferable option for bigger people, but at our stature baggy jackets look silly. We tend to have less room to play with if you will. A jacket that fits with a sweatshirt looks baggy without and one that fits without makes you look like an over stuffed sausage with. In the end i am opting for a drill lining. I picked up a deck jacket (50% off) from Schott on Milwaukee ave for when it’s too cold for cotton drill. Once it hits 35 I bring out the anj-4, which is great to about 15.
  2. Harris HTM

    Harris HTM Practically Family

    the Netherlands
    You definitely cannot go wrong with a brown fqhh 30s hb! Don't worry about initial stiffness, it will finally break in.
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  3. Michael312

    Michael312 New in Town

    I got my fit jacket and samples in the mail last week, and today I talked to Carrie at Thurston Bros. She was extremely helpful. I'm almost ready to place my order, with just one or two final decisions to make. Here's the current specs for my jacket:

    Aero 1930's Half Belt in brown CXL FQHH in size 40
    • Shorten the sleeves and the body by up to 1"
    • Taper the body by 1/2" on each side
    • Two interior pockets
    • Alloy zipper
    • August collar

    Really glad I'm getting a custom jacket, since an off-the-rack size 40 wouldn't be quite right on me.

    Carrie said Aero can taper the 1930's Half Belt down by one size or up to 2" total, and that the 1" taper should help it look trimmer on me.

    She was quick to talk me out of the Premier for some of the same reasons mentioned here, including that it would likely end up too tight, especially in the CXL FQHH.

    Still under consideration:
    Looks like my jacket will go into production some time in June.
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  4. Edward

    Edward Bartender

    London, UK
    The standard outer chest pockets are of limited practical use unless you spec a bigger on as on the HWM or the Bootlegger. I still like how they look, though if you're getting an inside pocket you likely won't need one if you prefer the look without.
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  5. jacketjunkie

    jacketjunkie One Too Many

    Two things;

    For a warmer liner, don't forget about moleskin. It's very cozy, warm, durable and affordable on top of that, I love that stuff. My HWM has sleeves lined in corduroy and my shirt and sweater sleeves get stuck and push up every time I put on that HWM. No such thing with moleskin.

    The issue with Aeros chest pockets is that they are unpractical, too tight I width and not deep enough. @sweetfights has found a good solution for that by ordering it to be 6" deep or so for a smart phone to fit in. If I was to order another Aero, this is definitely what I would ask for.
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  6. Edward

    Edward Bartender

    London, UK
    For my next HB, I'll simply order a Bootlegger chest pocket on it.
  7. handymike

    handymike I'll Lock Up

    That's a great idea! Since it's slanted, there's no reason you cant go wider and deeper.
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