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Newbie Questions As I Plan For My First Custom Aero

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Michael312, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. Bfd70

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    Sorta late to the thread, but as I’m in Chicago as well, i figure i’ll chime in. I’m also in the 150#s and tend to run cold. After this long winter i’ve concluded that for me in the 35-49 and overcast zone leather just isnt the best choice. I realize thats purely subjective and that there are people in this town in shorts and flip flops but for me it doesnt work. I plan on ordering a 1930s as well this month. I also reached out to the forum and got some good liner recommendations. One that stuck out that might work is courderoy. A common suggestion isnto leave room for layering. I think this is a viable and prefferable option for bigger people, but at our stature baggy jackets look silly. We tend to have less room to play with if you will. A jacket that fits with a sweatshirt looks baggy without and one that fits without makes you look like an over stuffed sausage with. In the end i am opting for a drill lining. I picked up a deck jacket (50% off) from Schott on Milwaukee ave for when it’s too cold for cotton drill. Once it hits 35 I bring out the anj-4, which is great to about 15.
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    You definitely cannot go wrong with a brown fqhh 30s hb! Don't worry about initial stiffness, it will finally break in.
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