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Old gas stations

I've always liked those tiger tails they used to give out.


New York City
I've always liked those tiger tails they used to give out.

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Also, great illustration of the tiger. He's a handsome looking fella. Sometimes, the athropomorphized animals look creepy - that tiger looks exactly like the tiger you want making your gasoline. Heck, he's the tiger you want to have a beer and watch a baseball game with.


Where The Tourists Meet The Sea
A life-size fiberglass Esso Tiger had a second life as the mascot of our local high school -- mounted right up on the front of the building. Until the high school merged with a school in the next town and gave up the Tigers name in favor of the bland and joyless "Mariners."

The Tiger was therefore brought down from his perch, and laid out in a coffin, given a full funeral service, and ceremonially laid to rest out behind the football field. There wasn't a dry eye in town.


I'll Lock Up
My mother's basement
Pennant flags need to make a comeback.

Those things were banned by local ordinance in a burg where I once resided.

I saw that mostly as a matter of social and economic class. The strings of brightly colored pennants had most commonly festooned used car lots and discount appliance stores and the like. You know, the declasse establishments that dragged down the image the city “leaders” would have preferred to project.

That and similar efforts worked, alas. Real estate in the city got too expensive for those sorts of uses (and the sorts of people who patronized such businesses).