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Original GUSTIN Waxed Canvas Trucker Jacket Men's (Medium) Made in USA, Sold Out


One Too Many
San Francisco
GUSTIN - Waxed Cotton Canvas Trucker Jacket Men's (Medium) Made in USA.

Catch and release here. Just bought this and it doesn't fit- need a large. Not made by Gustin anymore. They've moved on to more of a classic type 3 design.

From last seller:
Purchased in 2016, only worn a few times. Excellent condition.

From the "weargustin" website:
The first fabric we used had to be special. To us that means it is beautiful from the start and ages gracefully. Nothing matched our desire more than waxed canvas. This style uses waxed cotton duck from the United States. It has a plain weave and is a solid 13.5oz to give it good body but not feel too stifling in jacket form. The base color is a rich, deep brown. The waxed coating makes things much more interesting: the fabric ages uniquely to you, just like a finely tanned leather. Each crease, each bend, each event in your life changes the texture and color. It scars and marks as the wax gets rubbed and displaced, becoming slightly lighter in those areas. It’s truly a thing of beauty.

The overall style is inspired by the classic Type III Trucker Jacket. We give it a more tailored body and add a bit of length in the sleeves so it doesn’t ride up. It's designed to hit right at the waistline for a compact look. It has two full hand pockets on the side and double flap pockets up top. Each flap is secured with our custom Gustin hardware. We also added a few functional pockets. A small carry pocket on the right side provides quick access to a place to store your phone and an inside chest pocket lets you tuck away your wallet. Two side buckles on the waist band are secured by custom buttons. Extensive flat felling is used on seams and all pockets are clean finished.

Jackets like ours that are made in the USA using our quality of material and construction are typically priced at $260 or higher. The efficiency of the Gustin model, with your support, lets us do much better.

FITTrucker Jacket
FABRIC#1 Waxed Canvas, 13.5oz
FINISHWaxed (spot clean only for this fabric)
TRIMSCustom Gustin hardware
MADE INCalifornia

Please PM any questions.
Price: $110. Shipping $15 CONUS.


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