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Quirky things that people have done 'in the day' that people would gasp at today..

Discussion in 'The Home Front Woman' started by Lollipop, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. 1*Cool*Kitten

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    High Desert, California
    Great Stories!

    WOW! these are so true! I agree with AtomicEraTom; we "drove" all around town! on dad's lap!
    My Dad gave my brother & I baths together when he had to look after us while mom was working at the coffee shop!there sas never anything thought as weird or immoral of that!
    in-so-far-as the Menses "Wives' Tales" I rember it was Late Spring/Early Summer 1977 Renoldsburg,Ohio My then husband & I had relocated to Ohio after he got out of the Service out here in CA. I was about 4 or 5 noths pregnant.We went to go visit his Grandfather who was living with his daughter & son-in-law. it was a "family day" (sunday afternoon with everyone over) the 3 daughters & myself were "out at the garden" so they were barefooted bent over pulling up seedling weeds so I started to take off my shoes when the one daughter touched my arm & said "not us;your prgenant & I'm on my period.We can't go into the garden" I looked at her like she had 3 heads!"WHAT?why?" having grown up with a "farmer" father I'd never heard of such a "crazy thing" as soon as I got home I called dad up out here in CA I asked him if he'd ever heard of such a thing he said he had "years ago" people thought that if a menestrating woman was in the gardent it would "taint" the crops because of the "iron & acid" imbalance in their system during that time As for the pregnant woman the earth would be too much on the child & cause her to miscarry!.....Now, the miscarry thing 1/2 right! the bending and pulling on a 2 term woman COULD cause premature contractions however........the other one?not so much! pffeff! lol :p :p Craziness!
  2. Heidi Crabtree

    Heidi Crabtree New in Town

    Just writing a Thank You card is unusual today. Whenever I write one I always get the comment that they haven't received one of those in ages.
  3. MissNathalieVintage

    MissNathalieVintage A-List Customer

    This was such a great read and brought back a lot of memories.

    WOW! the bleach and Lysol baths.

    My dad when we were little would give us sips of his beer. To this day I hate the taste of beer and do not drink liquor of any kind.

    And we would all pile in the car like sardines too, no seat belts, 1970s and 1980s. And sometimes with the family dogs too, no cages, we'd hold our pets in our laps or sit them on the floor of the car.
    And we would play out in the yard with no parents around. And the front of the house too, and we live in the city so there were lots of kids next door to play with.

    Me and my brother got a lot of scraped knees and got dirty playing in the dirt and mud too. And when me my brother and sister were little we did have baths together too, it saved my mom time, and helped my mom to be able to look after a baby too. My mom would spank us with a belt too, when ever we got out of line.
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