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Randall Renshaw Restorations


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@Randall Renshaw

I am sad to hear this, but completely understand. It looks like you were producing some great work, but your time and health are important, so it isn't worth sacrificing them.

I hope that you can maintain your love of hats and still get some enjoyment working on a few here and there.


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Fellow forum members: I find myself in the difficult position of having to make an unhappy announcement.

I have been forced to the conclusion that my fledgling hat business is not going to prove financially practical in the long run. I already have a post-retirement, work-from-home job, and the amount of time and energy that I have to put into working on any one hat, much less many, is detrimentally impacting that primary job. I am realizing that refurbishing and recreating hats is too time consuming to allow me any time to do anything else. It’s also proving costlier than I had originally estimated it would be. To compensate for the cost of materials, AND charge a reasonable rate for my labor, I would have to raise my rates to what I am certain would be unacceptable levels for any potential clients.

Additionally, I’m finding that working on hats full-time simply hasn’t proven to be very enjoyable. Working on a project now and again was fun, but doing it all the time has robbed me of any pleasure I was getting from the work. So, after I finish a couple of hats I have already contracted to do, I’m going to cease operation of Triple R Hattery , and go back to just being a collector.

This was not an easy decision to make, especially in light of all the wonderful feedback I have received from people here in the Lounge. To have had so many of you say such kind and complimentary things about my work, and then to be forced to pull the plug on that work, just adds to the sting.

For all of you who supported and encouraged me, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

We live, learn, and move on.

Be well, all.
This is sad news, indeed, but a tough decision that required much thought, I'm sure. I applaud your decision in choosing happiness in spending your spare time on things you get more joy from...and more profitable.

I'm proud to have gotten a few of your top-notch re-creations and wish you success and happiness as you move on. Thanks for the hats, my friend!

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