rare 210 million yr old fossil found by accident

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by MrBern, Jan 27, 2006.

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    That's why I like you, Mr. Berns, your steadfast support of the arts. ;)
  3. I knew Spam was old but not that old! :p

    regards to all,

  4. Andykev

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    The Beautiful Diablo Valley
    A bloody mouth wabbit and a low cut hottie?

    Well, what is this junk? I clicked your link Mr. Bern and it comes up with some hotty tot and a rabbit on a billboard? What is this? Recheck your link. ???

    January 25, 2006 - 2:17PM

    A model from Botswana is suing the producer of the Broadway hit Spamalot, claiming it used a photograph of her face in a "foolish, unnatural and undignified" way without her permission to promote the Tony-winning musical.

    Carla Collins, 23, who trained in the UK and is also a professional saxophonist and actor, says in court papers that she learned about the use of her image in February 2005.

    Friends had told her they saw her face on the facade of the Shubert Theatre in Manhattan's theatre district.

    The musical based on the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail managed to recoup its $US12 million ($A15.98 million) investment less than seven months after opening on Broadway on March 17, 2005.

    It won three Tony awards, including those for Best Musical and Best Director, and is regularly sold out.

    The photo on the wall of the Shubert Theatre, court papers say, was taken nearly two years ago after Collins had finished a photo session in Cape Town, South Africa.

    "This particular picture was taken after the modelling shoot and she threw the photographer a kiss," Collins' lawyer, Leroy Wilson, said today, adding the photo appeared to have been retouched "in the chest area".

    The upper-body photo also shows Collins playing with her hair and wearing a low-cut dress.

    The use of Collins' photo "tends to hold her up to public ridicule and contempt" and has caused her "great anxiety of mind, humiliation and mortification," says her lawsuit, which was filed last night.

    The lawsuit names the Shubert Organisation Inc, producer of the show, and Serino Coyne Inc, the musical's advertising and marketing agency, as defendants. It seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

    Spokespeople for the show and the ad agency had no immediate comment Tuesday.

    Collins, a blonde and blue-eyed native of the African country of Botswana, has appeared in photos as a model in France, the United Kingdom and Australia and is enrolled in an acting school in New York, Wilson said.

    She has seen Spamalot and liked it, he said.

    Spamalot, which debuted in Chicago in December 2004, takes its name from the processed meat Spam.

    An old Monty Python skit, "Spam, Spam, Spam," linked the British troupe with the product decades ago.

    Spamalot, whose original cast members included Tim Curry, David Hyde Pierce and Hank Azaria, has a book by Monty Python veteran Eric Idle, and a score by Idle and John Du Prez.

    - AP
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  6. MrBern

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    guess I copied over the wrong article!
    Anyway, that model well get paid well for having her likeness stolen for commercial usage.

    heres th article on the fossil


    "The 210 million-year-old fossil had sat in storage at the museum for nearly 60 years and was found only by accident, the paleontologists said."
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    Oh man, that is funny!:)
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    Behind the 8 ball,..
    I loved this quote at the very end,........

    "Museums like ours are giant libraries of stuff"

    Succinct and to the point! :)
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    Funny thing, jsut a couple years ago, some rare fossilized imprints of dinosaur tracks were found behind a chalk board in Brooklyn College. I think they had been painted over as well. Apparently everyone jsut thought it was some lame copy. No one dreamed that such a rare & valuable item would be forgotten & left to collect dust.

    Y'know, thats the same way the antique fair dealers make a living going thru forgotten storage units & estate sales.
  10. Hemingway Jones

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    I think we should all check our folks' attic. Who knows what treasures may abound.
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    Did anyone see the recent Nova where an archaeologist was visiting a museum in NiagaraFalls. Just run of the mill common mummies. But he realized one was very special. And now it seems it may be a very special Pharoah. But it jsut lay there for decades in an unremarkable state.

    heres a NEW find

  12. MrBern

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  13. I keep expecting some type of Far Side response where it was under the bathroom sink between a couple of spray cleaners. Quote Mrs. Spanger, " I pushed aside the cotton balls and there it was a complete ornioxthyrops encased in clearasil."
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    If all fossils looked like the one from Spamalot, archaeology would be a much more popular profession!
  16. GA Wildlifer

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    I need to get out more often

    I don't peruse FL News often, but I need to! Where else can you get Monty Python, a Botswanan cutie, a furry crustacean, and an important fossil rediscovered in New York, all in one thread?

    What a site!
  17. Michaelson

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    Actually, any of SEVERAL sites I frequent during the day. Strange world we live in now, ain't it?;)

    Regards! Michaelson
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