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Shangri-La Heritage Varenne Horsehide jacket size L for sale

Hello, it’s been quite a long time I haven’t been around but since I live in France, I am not very often on the net. Anyhow, I would like to sell this beautiful Shangri-La Heritage horsehide whiskey jacket which description is right here from the manufacturer himself in Italy. When I ordered it, I asked for a custom feature which is to have a removable fur collar (pictures included) Paid 1250 € for it in 2022 and I am selling it for 750 € + shipping. You can contact me directly at philippe.ochin@orange.fr for more informations.

Inspired by late 40s Sport jackets and revisited with a unique Italian touch, the “Varenne” Whiskey Horsehide represents an authentic garment made of Front Quarter Pull-up Horsehide by Charles F. Stead, one of the oldest tanneries in the UK (since 1890s in Leeds, United Kingdom).

The Front Quarter Pull-up Horsehide by Charles F. Stead is made by selected European Full Grain horse hides tanned with Steads’ traditional garment tannage and finished with a blend of “classic pull-up” waxes. This produces a pure-aniline leather with a Unique Rich character.

Charles F. Stead is a traditional family business established in 1895, remained faithful to the artisanal skills, techniques and know-how that others have forgotten, taking the time to work the leathers in the traditional way. These skills continue to live on in harmony with modern production technologies. Quality leather can never be a commoditized product, with each hide having its own characteristics, and they treat it accordingly.

The metallic zippers are made of antique brass with engraved markings.

The attention to detail makes it a rare and authentic Horse Leather Jacket Hand Made in Italy.

Designed for Bikers, Rockers and Gentlemen.

The name “Varenne” is a tribute to the legendary Italian horse, the best Racer of All Time.

Any imperfections or variations in color, texture or grain are not to be considered as defects, but distinctive elements of a unique, artisanal quality product.


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Is the chest really 50 cm?? Smaller than the shoulders? I think if you laid it flat the chest measurement would be significantly larger.. (Maybe!)


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Beautiful jacket btw, the pull up on it is incredible. Always heard about CF Stead when it comes to their suede/roughout stuff - but this is impressive. Still surprising to see the chest and shoulder being the same measurement though.

Compared to their product page, the shoulders and chest should have a nearly 10cm difference (chest being bigger). In addition, your measurements suggest a 2XL from shoulder-to-shoulder but chest measurement is even smaller than their S:


I have a feeling you may be measuring these differently than the normal standard which is why they look off. Your post may be better served by providing pictures of the actual measurements following the guide above (or other classifieds posts)
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