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Shipping Outside the US


London, UK
Thank you for the reply and guidance. I find that conforming with customs laws are typically the best course of action. Recently, I conducted a trade with another forum member in the UK. This was straight up an even trade, no money was tendered. He had to pay customs fees on the jacket. Seems odd to me to have to pay customs on a used item where no monetary transaction took place.

Some jurisdictions don't charge on second hand clothes, though again that comes back to being correctly declared. Sometimes you have to watch and challenge - more than once when the pound was still strong enough against the dollar that ordering from the US made sense I was billed by UK customs as if the listed dollar amount were pounds (at that point doubling what the fee should have been).


One Too Many
Lots of good shipping tips on this thread. I shipped via UPS expedited and the fees were ridiculous! I'll definitely need to do more homework for future shipments outside the US.

FWIW and responding to a tangential topic on this thread related to Rivet & Hide. I have ordered many items from them. Their fulfillment and shipping speed is amazing! The price listed on their webpage is the price I paid, inclusive of customs and shipping to the US. I received my orders from them faster than ordering from another retailer local to me. They are exceptional!
the pirateship discounts for UPS tend to be pretty ridiculous. like 250 'retail' marked down to 50 etc. I think a lot of the big players like ebay and such get those kind of discounts too though. retail ups store is a total scam.


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I've been having luck with pirateship and UPS worldwide expedited. Prices seem a little better than usps. Recently underestimated some shipping to Australia but ‍you win some you lose some.
Being from Australia it's weird. Often you get quoted about $100 to get it here from the US, sometimes higher for express up to $150 by DHL or Fedex priority or something like that.

On the other hand to get a jacket shipped standard out of Australia by the local post service is cheaper often around $60-80 depending on exchange rate.

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