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Discussion in 'Your Vintage Home' started by Matt Crunk, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Matt Crunk

    Matt Crunk One Too Many

    Muscle Shoals, Alabama
    A little over three years ago, we moved from a 1903 two-story four-square in the city to a one story ranch style home in the country. The new house lends itself very well to mid-century modern decor, which my wife and I both love and set about collecting since the move. However I'm still partial to golden-era style and have decided that when I enclose our double carport into a new 24' X 30' workshop/studio space, I will allocate a portion to be my new home office - which I will fashion like a 1940's Private Detective's Office. Not sure if I want to recreate a specific office entirely (such as Spade & Archer's, or Phillip Marlowe's) but I do intend to make it authentic down the woodwork, windows, aged cracked plaster, and period fixtures. I'll post updates and construction photos as they happen, hopefully later this Summer.

    Does anyone on here have a vintage-style home office or recreation of a movie set in your home? If so, please post them here.
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    Late to the Party Familiar Face

    wrong thread. Move along, move along.
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    Late to the Party Familiar Face

    AND a duplicate of the post in the wrong thread.
    good grief.
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  4. Shangas

    Shangas I'll Lock Up

    Melbourne, Australia

    Does this count?

    I'm hoping to replace that gawd-awful IKEA "desk" with something more suitable in the near future.
  5. robrinay

    robrinay One Too Many

    Sheffield UK

    This is our office with a few pieces we have collected. The desk is an early, nickel plated steel tube Comacina by Piero Bottini - although I bought it at Swinderby antique fair thinking it was a Marcel Breuer design. The chair is an early Series 7 by Arne Jacobsen, reupholstered in leather, without the later additions -gas lift or rubber suspension wedges. The desk lamp is a Maclamp by Terence Conran, the shelving Ladderax by Heal's and Co. and the printer is standing on a typewriter desk (Aluminium Group by Charles and Ray Eames). By now you will have worked out that we love vintage design. Sorry it's a bit untidy but we do use it.
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