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Stetson Royal vs. Sovereign


New in Town
You need to find a Fight Club hat forum my man.
You’ve been here 5 days and your first post was a thread hijack to hawk your fabulous hat collection.
It took you 5 posts about your modern hats for sale to insult a long term member because they didn’t say “Welcome Ricyticky”.
Not a record for showing your a** but darn close.
Good luck selling your hats, thanks for coming and nobody cares.
Oh….and welcome to the lounge Rickyticky, the back door is down the hall past the toilet.
I’m smiling now my man.
Thank you, my friend. I’m learning.


Practically Family
I think this is all my fault as I was abrupt with him when I responded to his first post. It seemed to set him off , put him on edge. I have a note to be more welcoming and not so direct.
There's a bit of blame scattered everywhere.

The new person definitely got off on the wrong foot..

Quite honestly, the Fedora Lounge FAQ is nonexistent.. In 2015 the post states that its "forthcoming".. same goes for any guidance on the forum's focus.

Treatment of new members can be off-putting with often a disdain towards a new members new felt fedora.

Comments such as " that's not we prefer or on focused on" aren't very welcoming to a new person who's proud of their new hat.

There's nothing in the lounge that states " this is a vintage preferred area, take your new Stetson or wool felt someplace else". But that's usually the implications..

Almost always theres a response something along the lines of "get a vintage, it's much better. "

Which typically originates from a member or two who's hobby/ business is buying and reselling vintage hats.

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