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Discussion in 'The Golden Era' started by Matt Deckard, Dec 6, 2021.

  1. Matt Deckard

    Matt Deckard Man of Action

    Anyone else take a train now and again? Gives one time to catch up with some thoughts and write out some plans. Especially when In a small cabin with a window on a long trip. 00869349-228E-4811-98F1-853E03E7A95B.jpeg
  2. TheOldFashioned

    TheOldFashioned One Too Many

    The Great Lakes
    I like to take the South Shore Line when traveling to Chicago. It takes about 20 minutes longer than driving but the value can't be beat in my opinion. A round trip ticket costs $28.50 and takes me from South Bend (IN) airport to Millenium Park Station in the Loop. Add $1 for day parking at the airport and I'm all in for under $30. I couldn't find parking in Chicago for that price, let alone factoring in gas and the hassle of driving.

  3. Fading Fast

    Fading Fast

    New York City
    Living in New York City (and, for awhile, in Boston), I've been a big fan of Amtrak's Acela service on the Northeast corridor. Time- and price-wise, the train compete with flying (taking into account the time and cost of getting to and from the airport versus leaving and arriving directly in the city).

    I enjoy the comfortable seating and (usually) hassle-free train trip versus the hell that is modern flying. As Matt notes, you can either take a mental break or catch up on work or reading. It's a very civilized way to travel and it does have a bit of a throwback feel. Amtrak's Northeast corridor is a nice feature of living on the Northeast coast.

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