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The Good Neighbor Policy; Latin music in the 30's and 40's....

Discussion in 'Radio' started by Lincsong, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. Carlos Gardel -- Cuando Tú No Estás (1932)
    (When You're Not There)
    from the movie Melodia de Arrabal (Paramount, 1932)

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  2. Orquesta Tipica Francisco Canaro -- Vanidad

  3. Carlos Gardel -- Perfume De Mujer (1927)
    (Scent Of A Woman)

  4. Selica Perez Carpio
    Carillon De Madrid (1933)
    Tocame, Roque (1929)

  5. Adolfo Carabelli y su Orquesta Tipica -- Mentira (1931)

  6. Carlos Gardel -- Melodia De Arrabal (1932)

  7. Celeste Grijò (La Betty Boop Española) y Crazy Boys -- Paco Paco (1930)


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  8. Francisco Canaro y su Orquesta Tipica -- Cara Sucia (1937)
    (Dirty Face)

  9. Francisco Canaro y su Orquesta Tipica -- Chirimoya (1930)
    vocal by Ada Falcon

  10. Juan Maglio y su Orquesta Tipica -- Tranco A Tranco

  11. Don Pancho y su Quinteto Tipico Argentino -- Zorro Gris (1938)
    (Gray Fox)

  12. Francisco Lomuto y su Orquesta Tipica -- Violin Gitano (1938)
    (Gypsy Violin)

    Oh !, Gypsy with your melancholic look
    In your hands, how you make the violin cry
    It even thrills like a passionate song
    Meanwhile, pale, in silence, I listen to ...
    This tango that on one perfumed night
    In my life, bound my heart to another's.

    Oh, gypsy violin!
    Cry only for me...
    Perhaps you weep too,
    Longing for a love
    Far away from you.

    If a hidden pain
    A hand evokes in you
    This tango of love,
    Oh, gypsy violin!
    I'm saddened and depressed.

    You who dream in the sweet land, back in Hungary
    It always throbs with your gypsy soul,
    Like you, my soul wants to sob
    Remembering who ruthlessly abandoned her...
    Like the song of harmony you cast
    To the wind, my deep affection left.

    This tango is love
    But my love goes far,
    Oh, gypsy violin!
    Though I cry in vain ..
  13. vitanola

    vitanola My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Gopher Prairie, MI
    1944 Argentine Odeon issue of "Vírgenes del Sol", performed by Moisés Grupo Incado, with a remarkable vocal performance by a 21 year old Imma Sumack.

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  14. Francisco Canaro y su Orquesta Tipica -- Vieja Guardia (1929)
    vocal by Charlo

  15. Quinteto Don Pancho (Francisco Canaro) -- Entrada Prohibida (1938)

  16. Orquesta Francisco Canaro -- Nada Mas (1938)
    vocal by Roberto Maida

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  17. HadleyH1

    HadleyH1 One Too Many

    Anibal Troilo- "Fuimos"

    Beautiful Argentina....

  18. HadleyH1

    HadleyH1 One Too Many

    Argentina is such a wonderful country.

    At a time in my life I adored it with all my heart and soul.

    I still love it....in a different way.

    Music...omg the music is amazing too......
  19. Carlos Gardel -- Golondrinas (1934)
    from the movie El Tango en Broadway (Paramount, 1934)

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  20. Carlos Di Sarli y su Orquesta Tipica -- Barrilete (1929)

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