The Good Neighbor Policy; Latin music in the 30's and 40's....

Discussion in 'Radio' started by Lincsong, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. 1. Hollywood Dance Orchestra -- La Paloma (1927)
    2. Carlos Molina and his Orchestra -- Poema (1936)
    3. Don Azpiazu and his Havana Casino Orchestra -- Green Eyes (1931)

  2. HadleyH

    HadleyH I'll Lock Up

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    to wrap up this night... I will post again this very beautiful latin american song that i posted not long ago, it deserves to be heard more than once

    The Clock

    Stop the time in your hands
    make this night perpetual
    so he'll never leave my side
    so the day won't ever come again......

  3. Connery

    Connery One Too Many

    Crab Key
    Tony Camargo recorded in Mexico "The old year," composed by the Colombian Crescencio Salcedo , who listened in Caracas , Venezuela , and part of his first long play dating from 1953 , now considered among the cornerstones of Mexican tropical music, and a compelling theme in all the holidays in Mexico , Venezuela , Colombia and Central America .

    Tony Camargo ♥♫ El Año Viejo ♥♫
  4. Libertad Lamarque -- La Chica Del 17 (1927)
    (Girl Of Seventeen)

  5. Nelly Omar -- Sus Ojos Se Cerraron
    accompanied by Francisco Canaro y su Orquesta Tipica


    And here she is on her 100th birthday, November 11, 2011

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  6. Juan D'Arienzo y su Orquesta Tipica -- Adios Corazon

  7. Fletch

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    I'll just link back to a post I made to WAYLT? a week or 2 ago about Emilio Cáceres, and point you to yet another of his few recordings, the decidedly non-Latin Jig in G. The guy had it goin' on!
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  8. Rundquist

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    I got to play a gig with Herman Olivera last month. This is an old Eddie Palmieri classic from the 60's.

  9. Orquesta Adolfo Carabelli -- El Caburé

  10. HadleyH

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    I listened to this again today ...I like it apologies it's a repeat song of mine.
  11. HadleyH

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    Raul Shaw Moreno "Cuando Tu Me Quieras" .... beautiful memories of so long ago....still alive in me

  12. But where there's a will there's a way. ;)
  13. HadleyH

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    He was so popular in all Latin America in the early 1960s!!! .... here is another very beautiful song from him, from the same time.... "La Barca"

  14. Carlos Gardel -- Giuseppe El Zapatero (1930)
    (Giuseppe The Cobbler)

  15. HadleyH

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  16. Carlos Gardel -- Melodia De Arrabal (1932)
    *The arrabales or suburbios were the working class neighborhoods in Buenos Aires in the early 20th century

  17. Francisco Canaro y su Orquesta -- Corazon Encadenado (1942)
    (Chained Heart)
    vocal by Eduardo Adrian


    Sé que todos dicen que ya te he olvidado...
    Sé que piensan todos, que mi amor ha muerto...
    Sé que todos creen que, de aquel pasado;
    que, de tus caricias, ya no hay ni un recuerdo.
    Sé que, como todos, crees en mi olvido,
    sin saber que vivo solamente para ti,
    frente a tu recuerdo, con tu imagen ante mí.

    Si preguntas a la noche,
    te dirá por quién deliro;
    si preguntas a los aires,
    te dirán por quién suspiro.
    Murmurar tu nombre, me oye el ave,
    y las horas saben mi alucinación.
    Vivo prisionero de tus negros ojos,
    que han encadenado a mi pobre corazón.

    Sé que para el mundo, todo ya ha pasado...
    Sé que se murmura que ya no te quiero...
    Sé que, como todos, piensas que he borrado
    de mis pensamientos esos juramentos.
    Sé que el vaso rojo de tu boca fresca
    lucirá el aroma del recuerdo y la emoción,
    que encerró aquel beso que ocultara tu balcón...

    I know everyone says that I've forgotten ...
    I know everyone thinks that my love is dead ...
    I know everyone thinks of that past;
    that in your touch, and there is not a memory.
    I know that, like everyone else, believe in my oblivion
    not knowing that I live only for you,
    front of your memory, your image before me.

    If you ask the night,
    will tell you by whom I rave;
    if you ask the air,
    will tell you by whom sigh.
    Whisper your name, I hear the bird,
    times and know my hallucination.
    I live a prisoner of your dark eyes,
    That's been chained to my poor heart.

    I know that for the world, everything is over ...
    I know it is rumored that you no longer want ...
    I know that, like everyone, think I deleted
    of my thoughts these oaths.
    I know that the red glass in your mouth fresh
    wear the scent of memory and emotion,
    who penned the kiss that hide your balcony ...
  18. HadleyH

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    Granted, Gianni Bella is Italian but he is singing this beautiful song in Spanish.... so lets allow him here shall we?

    "De Amor Ya No Se Muere?" ("Nobody Dies From Love?")

  19. Julio Sosa -- Viejo Smoking
    (The Old Tuxedo)

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  20. Orquesta Tipica Victor (Adolfo Carabelli)
    1. Organito Callejero (vocal by Francisco Fiorentino)
    2. Pa' Mi Es Igual (vocal by Charlo)
    3. Carrillon De La Merced (vocal by Ernesto Fama)


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