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    A fun one to post:

    This Kensington Hat is a unique fur felt hat in he collection. It features what I call pleats on both sides. Not sure of the purpose but it does not seem to interfere with the ability to shape the hat. It has all the indicators of the Stetson manufacturing practise ,naming and details. This is comfortably a 1930-40's vintage.

    If this fits you or a friend you will be the first to wear it as its never been worn. The crown measures 5-1/2 and the brim 2 inches.

    If it doesn't fit consider this piece to add to your collection.

    At the link listed below you will see how Stetson came to be manufacturing Hats in Brockville Ontario . The original plant moved from the province of Quebec to Brockville in the 1870's. The Union Hat Company was then purchased by the Wolthausen Hat Corporation who were bought by the John Stetson Company in the 1930's.

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