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The MK Falcon: The Time Has Come


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Way back in 2003 I became so dissatisfied with my store bought Maltese Falcon prop that I decided to do something about it. The bad birds floating around Hollywood and on E-bay were so inaccurate to the point I just couldn't settle for a poorly done knock off. Most people never notice how far off these birds are from the real dingus. Ignorance truly is bliss in this case. Those with less discerning are content with their cheap plaster birds that only in a broad sense look like the treasure Bogart was after. There was no joy for me because I am a crazy about details. Therefore I could live with the bad bird no longer. I sculpted and molded a correct dingus. The MK Falcon was born. More about it here: http://www.thegoldenera.net/Falcon.html

Since I was going to all the trouble and expense, I chose to let other members of our club partake in my obsession for a proper black bird. I did a short run. Since that time no one has yet to create a dingus of this quality and most of the lucky folks that got them in 2003 haven't been willing to part with theirs. People have been PMing and E-mailing ever since urging me to do another run. There is a thread with a lot of chat about this: http://www.thefedoralounge.com/showthread.php?t=23433 I said one day there will be a blue moon and it will come to pass.

Well ladies and gentlemen, it is a blue moon. The mold has come out of storage and falcons are being made. Once there done, they are done. The mold goes back under raps (Kind of like the crate that holds the Ark of The Covenant at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark).

This is a Fedora Lounge exclusive. I am only offering these to our members. The public will not likely ever have this chance. Strike now while the iron is hot. Don't bother saying "put me on the list". The way you secure a MK Falcon is to paypal the funds to mk@fedoralounge.com.

The dingus is $225 + $12 for UPS shipping (USA) and handling. Right now they are one per member. I will begin shipping the birds at the end of the week. I respectfully ask that you never copy or allow your falcon to be copied as long as you own it. Lets keep it special.

Thanks guys for your patience and persistence. The day has come. The race is on!

The List:

Marlin Fan
Indiana MarkVII
John in Covina


Indiana MarkVII

New in Town
Phoenix, AZ
Payment sent.

Payment just sent. I hope it is on time for this second run. I've been wanting one of these for years.

Jeep, if there are any left, do you want a loan so you can get one? I'll offer to pay for it, if MK will allow, and have him ship directly to you. You just pay me back when you can. I see you on COW more than I visit here.