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    The Venice Simplon Orient Express recommenced service in the early 1980's. I learned of this via American Express which must have had exclusive advertising rights in the US and made reservations immediately for the London to Venice trip.

    The accompanying literature stated it was not possible to overdress on the Orient Express and my wife and I took that to heart and dressed the best we could. I wore a suit during the day, a tuxedo in the evening; my wife wore a hat and seamed stockings the whole trip.

    There was a group of Japanese present at the stop in Paris where we got off the train for a few minutes. My wife is very tall and attractive and they were quite fascinated and excited by her. The took many pictures of her posed with several of them. She was wearing a hat and seams and they were very interested in her stockings but VERY polite about them.

    I have guessed that American Express began its advertising campaign in California where we live because almost everyone we met on the train was, indeed, from California.

    We visited Venice, the lakes, Milan and Rome. My wife was invited to model in a fashion show in Milan but our travel schedule did not permit. We even visited the estate of Gabriele D'Annunzio. (Do you remember the play 'Tamara'??)

    But, of all we recall of this trip, the best part was the Orient Express.
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