The Pain of Nostalgia

Discussion in 'The Home Front Woman' started by Rica Bloom, Jul 29, 2010.

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    Or worse, "belfie" (evidently a picture a celebrity takes of her own derriere.) Very tasteful.

    I looked up the etymology of the word "nostalgia" and see that it's based on Green words, which actually mean the pain of wanting to return home. I see all this in a much more positive light. If you love some way of life, then why not go for it to the fullest extent you can? I can't even explain why I want to live in 1939 (or thereabouts) -- I just love it and feel a strong emotional attachment to the music, furniture, kitchenware, clothes, -- the whole "nine yards," so to speak. I was telling one of my brothers the other day that I was looking for a gas stove that would fit into my kitchen, and he dismissed it because I wouldn't get rid of my computer or cell phone. Well, I need those things for work and convenience. We can each find our own balance.

    I think you can choose your own life, within the limit of your situation in the world and your income. I.e., I'm stuck here because of my job, and there's no vintage community here outside of swing dance, but that doesn't mean that I can't create my own home life.

    I don't believe in suffering if I can help it; there's no percentage in it. Sure, sometimes the rude world gets on my nerves -- the daily commute can render me both anxious and irritated -- but then I come home and see my lovely 1930s furniture and turn on some music and all's right with the world.
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    I would love to have a mixture of both worlds. I really loved spending time at my grandparents farm. Simple black and white TV, going to bed early. Fresh easy farm meals. Church on Sunday. But I would miss the internet! lol! And connecting with folks on websites like these. We are moving to Kansas soon from Austin TX. Out in the country in a small town, so it will be simpler in that aspect. Small home, 1920's bungalow, so we will have to a pare down. And living on one income for awhile and that scares me!

    I feel that we have made great advances as a society in regard to health care etc. But getting hooked on twitter, reality shows, and such drives me nuts!

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