The Stetson One-Hundred "100"

Discussion in 'Hats' started by tinmanzzz, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Congratulations on a very nice hat!
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  2. Ross Young

    Ross Young A-List Customer

    This brown ‘100’ ended a few months back, not mine and I was hoping to see it end up here. Auction pics for documentary purposes, don’t see a crest on the sweat though:

    E2258B10-5300-442A-9249-6827688BD085.jpeg ACD7A5C8-13A4-4075-9C1B-F6ED00214E1F.jpeg 7A50D6DE-13E2-4E9C-8E33-D261005A31FC.jpeg 5F979B5A-A1F4-4516-A3F2-7D59187823EE.jpeg F20EB00C-8570-4E30-ADBF-7155CE1031F8.jpeg
  3. suitedcboy

    suitedcboy One Too Many

    What a great find! I see your location is not listed. Great move concealing your town's name to avoids throngs of TFL members descending on the place going door to door harassing the citizenry to go comb their closets and attics for Holy Grail hats.
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