Vanson Manx 40

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Jrolfe, Jan 17, 2020.

  1. Jrolfe

    Jrolfe A-List Customer

    This Vanson jacket is built like a tank!! Nice leather throughout. This has shoulder & elbow pads that are rigid and protective. Had it fit ME I’d keep it, but my plan was to gift this to another backfired. This jacket is heavy and doesn’t even appear to be broken in. The only flaw I’ve found the the left sleeve zipper is shot. Other than that it’s good
    Shoulders 18.5”
    Pits 21.5”
    Sleeves 24”
    Back 24 dipped

    $225 shipped. PP ff

  2. Jrolfe

    Jrolfe A-List Customer

    4CEC7C19-3135-4C90-88D6-EF4F21EC672C.jpeg CD4BC0F4-1BFC-4377-9FF4-7B759FD20CF4.jpeg BCA95938-F7BF-45B3-BEDE-84F92CE8AD1F.jpeg 94222A29-0728-4E48-A068-F7AE6477CDD2.jpeg

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