Very Clean Solid 50's Stetson OR RD for TRADE! 7 1/4 LO!

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    IMG_20200427_132016.jpg I have a solid 1950's CLEAN soft, thin, Stetson Royal Deluxe Open Road for Trade! I am looking for something simular ( in quality) in a 7 1/2 LO or 7 5/8. Now this is a mid-50's OR (dress fedora version) when they were "shrinking" them a litte, so it is about a 5 1/4 inch open crown with a 2 1/2 inch brim (which means it is less intimidating than a standard OR can be). This hat is super clean!! AND it is super soft and it should be for a dress fedora... it was origionally sold at "the Hub" in Dubuque Iowa and was at some point cleaned or reblocked at Nu-Way Cleaners and Hatters also in Dubuque. It now has the liner taped in with advertising tape fron Nu-Way rather than sewn as it origionally would have been. If they cleaned it, they did a great job leaving the re-order tag and sweat perfect and intact (they may have just brushed and reblocked it, as for even this the liner needs to be removed for a proper job).
    Anyway, if you are interested, show me what you got!:eek::rolleyes:;)
    Again, at this point, I am interested in a trade only......;)
    Please "PM" me with any offers or questions.....
    Thanks for looking:)
    IMG_20200427_132321.jpg IMG_20200427_131935.jpg IMG_20200427_132200.jpg IMG_20200427_132336.jpg IMG_20200427_132254.jpg IMG_20200427_131949.jpg IMG_20200427_132247.jpg IMG_20200427_131959.jpg
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