Vintage Anderson's 1930's Car Coat

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by BotanPhotography, Feb 28, 2020.

  1. BotanPhotography

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    Another one from the Aero Leather Galashiel's show room. According to Denny it's a car coat from the 1930's although I couldn't find any more information regarding it on the internet (maybe Ken could weigh in...)
    It's quite long as it literally hangs down to my mid calf, the rest of the jacket fits me perfectly. Sleeves are just the right length and so are the shoulders.

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  2. Rabbit

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    What are the measurements? Garment buttoned and laid flat,
    - chest = pit to pit fully extended
    - shoulder = from shoulder seam to seam
    - sleeve = from shoulder seam to cuff, straight
    - back = from neck seam (behind the collar) to back hem
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  3. AbbaDatDeHat

    AbbaDatDeHat I'll Lock Up

    Very very cool coat. The embroidered tag is outstanding artwork on it’s own.
  4. BotanPhotography

    BotanPhotography New in Town

    -Pit to Pit is 21" and a little bit
    -Sleeve is 21"
    -Shoulder to Shoudler is 20"
    -Back is 44"
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  5. BotanPhotography

    BotanPhotography New in Town

    Yeah I wish I knew more about it.
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  6. BotanPhotography

    BotanPhotography New in Town

    I got some info on it via Ken! @AbbaDatDeHat @Rabbit

    "Hi Sean
    No info I’m afraid
    I bought it on ebay about 12 years ago, it had a badly creased lapel, left one.
    I hung it for a few years tightly packed between a could of heavy coats with the lapel pressed flat.
    I did take most of the creasing out. Looks fine now. I never wore the coat, by the time the lapel was OK I’d gone off the idea of a long leather coat
    I suggest when it’s in storage you make sure the left lapel is hanging flat.
    Leather that was once creased will tend to naturally fall back into the same crease
    Shame that the label wore so badly, great coat, really rare, especially in the use of proper buttonholes rather the the clunky leather piped one normally found on European Coats of the era (1930s for sure)
    Hope this helps, you can use any of this on Fedoras Lounge


    And I sent him an email regarding fit of a stock Highwayman in CXFQHH so maybe I'll get another Aero ;)

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