Vintage Original 1930's Huckel Superior Seal Velour Fedora Hat Size 7 (56cm)

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    Vintage Original 1930's Huckel Superior Seal Velour

    For vintage hat collectors in the know it doesn't get any better than a velour by JHS. They simply made the best velour and longhair hats on Earth.

    This stunning example is in great shape and has a fantastic deep charcoal / blue felt with muted hunter green ribbon. Also featured is an innovative hat hanging loop at the rear of the sweatband.

    Size 4 1/2 Punti which equals a USA size 7 (56cm)

    2 1/4" Brim

    4 5/8" Crown

    2 1/4" Silk Ribbon

    $125 Shipped via USPS Priority Mail to the lower 48

    58B66955-AC21-403E-80E2-C83AC53D750D.jpeg 8FA19C4E-CEB5-433E-9899-5C9273F8AF48.jpeg B5A0B83D-6374-44D3-BCD9-293130E4374C.jpeg D80513A2-D955-4BED-8D3D-C7EECCBA5F0A_1_201_a.jpeg E1F367DC-0F85-4A2D-B058-0D8C4C3A733D.jpeg 81257C30-AA91-4CA1-9510-15A5490B62DD_1_201_a.jpeg 13819863-49CF-4532-8369-DC1F66A78F9D_1_201_a.jpeg 2B3F9C6D-C826-4971-92D8-66DEA9148875.jpeg 791BE98A-49F7-4673-A1B1-45255BABEF42.jpeg A0FF93A5-6461-4FA6-8722-1ACA4F07594C.jpeg

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