Vtg. BSA Jacket. Sz.L/XL

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by dannyk, Dec 2, 2020.

  1. dannyk

    dannyk One Too Many

    Here we have a vintage Boy Scouts of America jacket made by Woolrich in a wool/nylon blend. It’s definitely on the larger side for me. Came across it thrifting and was going to layer under it for winter, but it’s just not for me. Has a few dark spots on it, pictured below. These things are all over the map price wise. Obviously condition and age play a role in that. I have no clue on the age since this isn’t my neck of the collecting woods; and it does have those few spots on it. No tears, rips or holes I’ve come across. Buttons and stitching seem solid. I’m not trying to make any money on this one, I just need it gone. I’ll sell this for 50 US and buyer pays for shipping. Measurements as follows-approximate and in inches.


    7A6EFFFF-FCC5-4265-87EF-DC9633D518A7.jpeg 55C50816-8B64-4850-8359-A7A936ED80BB.jpeg 53BD112D-830A-4365-AA54-725E86687853.jpeg D0E17F4B-477C-4584-8CBD-B4EED8D58785.jpeg 1187A1E9-07CB-483E-9A2E-C1C96B251066.jpeg 5B050836-8AE9-4095-A479-7FAFC6C1D0C8.jpeg C6E5136D-93EE-4381-874F-D7085AAFA0B2.jpeg 80226074-DEF2-46FB-B657-B6354B2E1F62.jpeg
  2. dannyk

    dannyk One Too Many

    Come on former nostalgic Scouts! It’s one of two jackets I have left from my stockpile of jackets I just never wear that I need to sell. Let’s get this out of the house and make my fiancé happy!

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